Pejo Glass Art

The Belgian artist couple, winner of The London Art Biennale 2019 for applied arts.
In real life and in artistic life a couple that made its way into the glass art world, Johanna °1959 as Laureate Master in stained glass and fusion techniques and Peter °1958 an award winning international designer joined hands and minds to create contemporary glass art as Pejo.
At first, Pejo created contemporary stained glass windows with a three dimensional twist by adding perspective. Their designs were picked up by some galleries in The Netherlands and Norway where they had their first solo exhibitions.
Being restless they soon started with glass fusion techniques, small abstracts mounted in old wood to large figurative glass works. By experimenting with new materials and techniques they created their own unique style, resulting in international recognition.
The exclusive and unique designs made with the Pejo technique came by just following their urge to discover how far glass will allow them to be bent, colored and shaped as they imagine it.

Pejo’s glass art is found in many homes in Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Norway, Denmark, Sierra Leone, Thailand and even the United States of America.




Nederbroekstraat 21

9070 Heusden Destelbergen




Mirror Minds

Artist Statement

Glass is and will be our great medium to create unique artwork. Not following the conventional methods we experiment to the limit. Often by using recycled glass our creative minds must go that extra mile to overcome the laws in physics. Being restless we go for the next creation we feel we have to make at that particular time. Some call us styleless but our style is to create new exceptional artwork never seen before. The inspiration starts in two brains melted together to one total picture. Sometimes in the abstract sphere sometimes in realisme, that's how we as a couple create.